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Primexbt trading wikimedia is a news and magazine application with the latest news that is updated continuously 24. In addition, primexbt also categorizes articles and news by clear categories to help you easily follow the news that are most interested and shared.
primexbt is an application that is an electronic magazine application that is always updated with new news 24/7. From there, users can follow the latest news easily, quickly and conveniently.

The application arranges to display the news in the latest order or classified by categories such as politics, military, social life, entertainment… Especially NEW (new) news is synthesized from issues Current hottest topic, many people are interested

The application adjusts the display of news about Bitcoin and images to the size of your phone screen. You can also view photos on the app via slides (slideshow). Bring the best newspaper reading experience to users.

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1 Create an account with PrimeXBT
2 4 reasons why Bitcoin is growing in value by Primexbt
3 5 types of popular cryptocurrency fraud [update 2020]
4 Ethereum Downtrend Verdict: Price Going Even Lower!
5 Ripple donates $200,000 for the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic
6 Party School in China Wants to Build "Autonomous Blockchain"
7 Kleiman asks former nChain CEO to go to court in Craig Wright case
8 Will Bitcoin Hit $70,000 After the Halving?
9 Bitcoin will have a rough week ahead due to the stock market
10 On the rise again, Ethereum is likely to reach 180 USD
11 What is the best way to make money online?
12 Bitcoin SV First Halving Has Happened
13 Financial markets and the economy are completely separate
14 Not only Libra, G20 countries are concerned about all stablecoins
15 New Blockchain Solution Against COVID-19 According to European Regulation
16 If history repeats itself, Bitcoin will have a huge recovery
17 Argentine banks implement payment tracking using Blockchain RSK
18 Top whales criticize DeFi as Ethereum's marketing ploy because it's useless
19 Bitcoin's 2020 price bottom is now a key resistance area
20 Bitcoin, Altcoins and obstacles on the way to development
21 Investors may face risks in the stock market

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